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Founded in 1985 by George N. McKenzie, Wood Products, Inc. was based out of Pensacola, Florida. It started out as an owner operator crew consisting of four brothers and their sons. George's son Randy, who today owns the company, started on full time with his dad immediately after graduating high school. Thus the tradition of father and son began.

George and his brothers moved the company many times to find work. Soon after starting the company in Pensacola, it was moved several places before finding its home in Lake City, Florida. These places include Grove Hill, Alabama; Carabelle, Florida; and last to Branford, Florida (a small town south of Lake City). There it was operated out of George's home for many years. In 1991 a second crew was formed. From here operations started to expand and form into what they are based on today. Upon the formation of a second crew George and Randy split of to increase efficiency and management between the two crews. Randy continued the operation of the existing crew and George began the operation of a whole new crew.

Production continued to grow and in 1998 the company expanded by moving into a 7500 sq. ft. office/shop facility. Wood Products, Inc have been membes of both Florida Forrestry Association and Sotheastern Wood Proproducers since 1990. George and Randy McKenzie were commended for one of the highest awards a logger can receive. They were awarded the 1998 "Logger of the year" for the state of Florida. With this award came commemoration, respect, and a sense of pride in what they did. The award was presented at the annual meetings for both Florida Forestry Association and southeastern wood producers association. They received this award on the basis that both crews were not only highly productive, but were also safety conscious and detail oriented.

As Master Loggers George and Randy would strive to continue to improve operations and grow in the industry. In 1991 they took a step forward toward the growth of their company. With the demand for wood only getting stronger their trucking business was formed called M&M Trucking, inc. Starting with only a few trucks they began to haul their own wood and pull their own trailers. This revolutionized the way that they did business.

As a family business both George and Randy's wives were involved in the business. From running parts to the woods, to doing all the paperwork required of the now two businesses Peggy and Tina were always involved. They all worked together to make what Wood Products and M&M Trucking have today a success. Without these two very important ladies the business would not be where it is today.

In 2001 George stepped down and Randy took over the business as president. Shortly after George N. McKenzie past away and left the company on the shoulders of his wife and son. Through all this was a passing of a giant. George McKenzie will allways be known and commemorated for what he gave to the company and the hours of hard work he put in making the company all it is today.

In late 2001 Randy thought that it was time to expand the company and grow in the industry. That year a new crew was picked up and the business again expanded. Now with three crews and the number of trucks and drivers growing, the company was truly what his father had made it, a success. With the expansion of the crews also brought on more maintenance and he could no longer do it all on his own. For this he hired a mechanic to oversee the maintenance and repairs of all the machines and added trucks.

Soon after graduating in 2006 a third generation of loggers was born. In 2006 Randy's son Ryan went to work for him. With the values and beliefs that his Grandfather and Dad instilled in him he works in hope that one day he may fill in Randy's shoes and take over a new generation of logging. Randy still to this day oversees operations, but with the help of his Son and a great bunch of Employees. The economy is everchanging but there is one thing that never will and thats family. The bond between a father and son is what keeps this business going just as it did when it began. The McKenzie's have incorporated compassion with hard work to create a truly solid company.