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             INGRITY, EXCELLENCE, TRADITION.....24 years in the business!

Over the past 24 years we have dedicated our work to the service of the ever changing timber industry. Here at Wood Products, Inc. we strive to provide the best service, safety, and excellence in everything we do. We pride ourselves on doing a quality job for the land owner while keeping safe and efficient in every way possible.

Our company strives to not only do the best we can for the industry but for the economy as well. We continue to offer good paying jobs in a grade A environment. Even in these tough economic times, as old machines wear out we strive to keep the economy flourishing by purchasing newer equipment and keeping the best equipment we can rolling on a day to day basis. All our equipment is kept serviced, fixed, and up to date to increase the safety and worker friendly work environment that we offer our employees.

At present, and as a result of the economy's steady downturn, we run two four man logging crews. These two crews work as a team in performing whatever is asked of by the broker or landowner. Each crew has more than 10 years of experience with the company and are considered by many landowners some of the best in the industry. We take pride in what they do and commend them on their efforts for keeping their standards up in.

In 1991 we formed another company called M&M TRUCKING. This company which is ran and controlled by Wood Products consisted, at one time, of 15 trucks and nearly 50 trailers. Today M&M Trucking has a fleet of 12 trucks and still a little over 40 trailers. We currently employ 7 truck drivers and 3 mechanics. As a trucking company we haul all of our own wood. We also offer transportation services for forestry equipment and about anything else that we can possibly haul. M&M Trucking is based off of all the same principles as we have practiced in our timber business and we strive to keep our customers satisfied.

In 2002 we again formed another company called QUALITY EQUIPMENT AND PARTS. We formed this company in response to the need of quality parts at lower prices than many of the surrounding dealerships. We sell new and salvaged parts for the logging industry at a price that they can afford. Today we are a certified Barko and Cummins dealer. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to the customer service of all loggers to offer quality parts and great service. For more information please visit our website at QAMPARTS.com


RANDY MCKENZIE                     Owner/President                                          randy@woodproductsinc.biz


Quality Equipment and Parts

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